Hotel in Thassos Greece

Acropolis hotel is consisted of 13 rooms with A/C, TV, WC, Fridge, Central heat (during winter), free Wi-Fi.

The Trip of Your Dream

Thassos island has unique beauty and amazing scenery. Discover the colorful landscape and be amazed.


You can also visit the beautiful city of Kavala! Everyday there is a ferry that can take you there in a few minutes!

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Services & Offers


At our hotel, you can order any type of breakfast you like from delicatessens near by

Early Booking

We have an amazing offer for early bookings. -10% discount for all rooms and seasons (please note that this offer is prepaid and non refundable!).

Car Rentals

We can help you book a car or bike for your vacation at special prices. All you have to do is contact us and we will provide you with numerous rental options.


We can help you book several types of tours. We have boat trips, excursions and other activities that you can book at premium prices and get to know Thassos even more.

About the hotel

The rich history of the building is one of the things that the owner will share with you if you are interested in it.

Acropolis hotel is a family business run by Ms. Asimeniou. The building was established in 1910 by her grand father and housed the family of 12 sons and 1 daughter which was her mother. During the balcan wars it was pillaged and some of the golden made coat of arms were stolen. Once the war was over and the building was inherited to her she decided to turn it into a hotel as it was too big to keep it a house. Since then she made improvements and now offers rooms with all modern amenities.

Are you planning on staying more than 8 nights? We will give you a special price!

Special discount on long stay

If you are planning on staying for a long period of time we will be able to offer an unbeatable price